The Most Profitable Businesses in Henderson, NV: A Guide for Entrepreneurs

Are you looking to start a business in Henderson, NV? With its growing population and diverse range of opportunities, Henderson is an ideal place to launch a successful venture. From real estate to pet care, there are plenty of profitable businesses to choose from. Here's a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs looking to make the most of the business opportunities in Henderson, NV.

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most profitable businesses in Henderson.

With the influx of people joining its growing population, there is a great demand for housing. Starting a real estate company can help you take advantage of this opportunity and make a lot of money. You can also consider managing a home shelter, which is an easy business to set up and helps your community while making money.

Travel Companies

Travel companies are also highly profitable in Henderson. DashboardFox offers small and medium-sized companies an agile BI platform without the burden of expensive subscription-based alternatives.

Buying a grocery store can be an excellent business opportunity for someone who wants to run their own business and serve their local community.

Pet Businesses

Pet businesses are also popular in Henderson. If you have the knowledge, skills, and passion to venture into this opportunity, running a pet business could be perfect for you. Business consulting is another profitable business in Henderson. Consultants are paid for their knowledge, experience, and business acumen.

Municipal and State Programs

The City of Henderson offers several municipal and state programs to help new, current, or expanding businesses.

These programs include partial exemptions from gas or electric utility licenses or franchises. Now is the time to buy a successful turnkey dental office that has been in business for more than 20 years.


Henderson is an ideal place to start a profitable business. From real estate to pet care, there are plenty of opportunities to make money. Consider taking advantage of the municipal and state programs available to help new businesses get started.

With the right knowledge and skills, you can create a successful venture in Henderson.

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