Minority-Owned Businesses in Henderson, NV: A Chance to Thrive

Are you a minority-owned business in Henderson, NV looking for a chance to thrive? A new incubator program in Las Vegas is here to help. This program is designed to provide mentoring, education, and the opportunity to improve their credit rating to small businesses. At the city's International Innovation Center, participants will have monthly in-person training sessions to learn strategies and best practices that will help their companies succeed. The cohort will be comprised of at least 24 companies to complete the lending circle, but additional companies can join if they only want to participate in the other programs.

Las Vegas may be dominated by corporate interests on the Strip, but some of the country's favorite family stores are also located there. This incubator program provides an opportunity for minority-owned businesses to join them and make a name for themselves. It also helps new businesses that may not know how personal credit influences business loan applications. The program offers mentoring and education to help businesses grow and generate credit. It also connects them with potential customers.

With this program, minority-owned businesses in Henderson, NV have a chance to make their mark on the city.

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