Start or Grow Your Business in Henderson, NV with the Inclusive Microenterprise Project

Are you a person with a disability living in Henderson, NV and looking to start or expand your own small business? If so, the Inclusive Microenterprise Project (TIMP) may be the perfect opportunity for you. Funded by the Government of Victoria, TIMP is designed to help people with disabilities develop their business skills, financial education, and the business mindset to support growth and scalability. The project consists of three components that are tailored to support people with disabilities who already own microbusinesses or have a business idea they want to implement. The first stage helps participants identify and develop their business idea and hone their narrative skills to establish connections, describe their business concept, and sell it.

TIMP Express allows participants to identify gaps in their business knowledge by developing basic skills, self-awareness, and developing business concepts and creating a visual landscape. The incubator serves as a one-stop shop for small businesses and entrepreneurs, providing access to business advisors, networking opportunities, and workforce development help. It is located in the building just a short walk from your office. You can use the Small Business Development Center to grow your business through the incubator networking events.

Las Vegas may be known for its corporate interests and big businesses on the Strip, but some of the country's favorite family stores are also located there according to a new survey by Yelp and Entrepreneur. If you are looking for an opportunity to start or grow your own small business in Henderson, NV, the Inclusive Microenterprise Project may be just what you need.

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