Are there any business mentorship programs available for businesses in henderson, nv?

SCORE Las Vegas mentors are experienced and highly successful business professionals and entrepreneurs with the experience and knowledge needed to help you achieve. Have a wealth of resources available to business owners, from incubators and co-working spaces to lending programs, mentoring, and provider diversity. However, residents are often unaware of the existence of these assets or have difficulty accessing them due to structural barriers. To better connect ideas with opportunities, Henderson, Nevada, has decided to create a comprehensive tool to connect stakeholders to available resources, such as mentor networks, access to capital, marketing plans, and business services.

The city's director of Economic Development and Tourism, Derek Armstrong, knows that Henderson has the assets. On the one hand, its position in the Las Vegas Valley, in southern Nevada, offers a competitive advantage for the main markets of the Southwest and is a destination known all over the world. Second, the city and surrounding valley are home to more than 2.5 million people and are growing, providing an abundant and ready workforce. Third, the talent pool is supported by aligned educational institutions in the region.

Fourth, the city has a multitude of business-friendly incentives, with a strategic plan to diversify the region's economy and produce a constant supply of quality work, school, housing and recreational options. For example, prior to this initiative, Derek was unaware that the local labor board, Workforce Connections, offered to reimburse companies with fewer than fifty employees up to 90% of a new employee's salary during their on-the-job training period. He and his team are now working to establish one of their centers in Henderson, which will help offset some new business costs. Six months after this effort, much remains to be discovered, especially when it comes to gathering information and connecting with microentrepreneurs or solo entrepreneurs, but the team is still focused on two objectives.

First of all, the tool must be useful and easy to navigate. Second, the entire community must accept it. With such exponential growth at Henderson, Derek believes this last goal won't represent much of a challenge. I think that having a growing population and having so many people from diverse backgrounds here really gives us a different perspective,” he adds that the city's habit of accepting novelty and change is part of Henderson's unique paradigm.

When companies want to start, they want to know that they can also succeed. It's important to see other success stories and examples. Become it in the long term. Derek realizes that this is just the starting point for Henderson.

Corianne Rice is director of economic development and entrepreneurship programs at the National League of Cities. The Henderson Economic Development team is also ready to introduce you to funding sources and local business and community leaders for a fruitful network. After applying for your business license with Henderson City Hall, just one step away, you'll find the door to the Employ NV Business Hub, a comprehensive resource that can open up a world of services and assistance at no cost for hiring, selecting and training employees. Another Nevada business center is located at the Green Valley Library, where the Employ NV Career Center also provides comprehensive assistance for job seekers.

All of the forms and information needed to start a business in Nevada are here, and with all the requests in one place, redundancies are eliminated and accurate record keeping is made easier. This comprehensive guide, compiled by the Nevada Department of Business and Industry, covers a dozen major topics of interest, including planning, funding, business licensing, certification, and marketing. Henderson is a great place to have a great idea and the right place to make your business concept a reality, thanks to resources, connections, and support, all in a city with a proven track record of helping successful local companies like K-2 Energy grow from scratch. Career centers and business centers work closely together in Henderson to connect employers to the workers they need.

David had the opportunity to sit down with Brian and learn that his company is not only dedicated to the restoration of emergency vehicles, but also seeks to save money and lives. We are looking for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to play a variety of roles, from expert business mentors to local community advocates. Business Owner, Cash Flow, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur, Networks, Nevada Retired Executive Corps (SCORE), small business. This business center is one of the first in the country to be conveniently located within a city hall, representing the Hub's innovative and service-focused approach.


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